Back Massage - studio Sofia

Spine is the main supporting structure of the body – an area with great mobility and strength.  Since it is better protected than soft parts in the front side of the body, it is best to start the massage from the back. Because when the time comes for massage for the more vulnerable areas of the body your patient will be more relaxed and trustful.  Furthermore, the back is the single part of the body with most extensive area which will be process in the majority of the session and it is worth to spend more time and attention than any other part. Because this massage affect  the nerves that branch out from the back and reach all parts of the body, many people experience a deep sense of relief after a complete massage. It is mandatory requirement to sit comfortably, so that your hands can easily reach all parts of the back. Remember in order to avoid fatigue you must act with the full weight of your body, not just your hands. Since massage session begins with back treatment so the recipient can get used to the massaging touch and masseuse can get a sense of his body.