When a Massage Can Be Harmful

A high-quality massage can help you achieve full harmony between your body and your mind, and is able to improve your overall health. Massage is a natural means for relaxation, with a large area of application when it comes to the prevention and the treatment of a number of diseases. There are some cases however in which a massage should not be given. These cases can vary from the presence of certain, quickly fading away symptoms to some diseases whose presence is undoubted. The application of massage techniques of any kind is not recommended for people whose body temperature is abnormally high, as well as for people who suffer from acute infectious diseases. You should not be undergoing any massage procedures in case your skin is sore for some reason, or in case you are suffering from a skin disease of any kind. Hemophilia and other various hemorrhages are again contraindicated when it comes to the making of a massage of any kind. Another case in which a massage should not be given is when you have sore, varicose veins, as well as if you are suffering from any kind of disease which is firmly linked to the presence of such symptoms. Massage should not be given to people who suffer from aneurisms, as well as to people who have medically proven symptoms of problems with their lymph nodes and lymph vessels. The presence of any kind of cancerous tumors is also absolutely contraindicated for the application of any kind of massage techniques. Among the symptoms which are in a total contradiction with the giving of a massage is the painful menstruation. If a woman is pregnant, but she used to have any problems connected with the successful carrying of the fetus, she should not be given a massage under any circumstances. Mental illnesses where excessive excitability is a symptom are also among the cases in which a massage is highly inadvisable. Massage is also not recommended when a person suffers from hypotonic and hypertonic attacks, as well as if they have suffered a myocardial ischemic infarction. For all other diseases or symptoms that might concern you, before you decide to attend a massage studio, you must seek professional advice from your doctor.